Welcome to the Evidence of Christ Fellowship
~Where Christ is the Evidence~

This is not a motto, but refers to our daily walk and our fellowship together with the Lord Jesus Christ. We bear the identity of Christ and not our own. The Lord deals with us on a daily bases and guides us each day by His revelation through His Holy Spirit.

God brings forth His evidence in our lives through encouragement, rebuke, chastisement, scourging, correction, repentance, and words of admonition, Hebrews 12 vs. 6. This is contrary to what many church preaches nowadays. In the kingdom of God there is no sin as stated in Revelation 21 vs. 27. In order to get into that kingdom, Christ said we have to die. We have to die to our own nature; self will, cares and desires of this world, knowledge, reputation, religion, culture, traditions and sin etc, so that Christ can live through us. We believe that the journey in the Lord Jesus Christ will restore us to how God had ordained it from the beginning before Adam and Eve sinned. We also know that to be reborn by the word of God is cost to our flesh. The price that each person will pay will vary depending on what is NOT found in Christ. This can include marriage, husband, wife, children, self, religion, church, reputation, desires, accomplishments etc. This is why Jesus said he that does not forsake all that he has cannot be His disciple (Luke 14 vs. 25-33).

God has something to say to you personally. Come and find out more